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Faserverbund Sandwich Tagung | Composite Sandwich Conference 
24 – 25 April, 2024 (PROGRAM PDF FILE)


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  • 14:00 p.m.: Meeting point at ThermHex Waben GmbH
  • 14:45-17:00: Guided tours at Fraunhofer Pilot Plant Center for Polymer Synthesis and Processing PAZ
  • 18:00: OPENING at German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
    Dr.-Ing. Jochen Pflug, ThermHex Waben GmbH
    Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schlimper, Fraunhofer IMWS

    Prof. Dr. Erica Lilleodden, Director Fraunhofer IMWS

    Keynote: Innovations in composite sandwich structures: reflections on a personal journey
    em. Ignaas Verpoest
  • 19:00: Get-together / Dinner at German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina



  • 08:30: Registration
  • 09:00: Welcome
  • 09:15CONFERENCE Part 1

Industrial Applications

  1. Composite sandwich backsheets in solar photovoltaic applications: lightweight, circular and ready for building integration
    Prof. Gerard de Leede, CTO, Solarge
  2. The Application of Sandwich Technology to the Airframe Structure of Helicopters
    Rainer Arelt, Expert for Composites, Airbus Helicopters
  3. protECOlight – Sustainable and weight-optimized protective structures in the underbody area for BEVs
    Dr.-Ing. Julius Rausch, Vorentwicklung Exterieur Neckarsulm, Audi AG
  4. Innovative thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich material for underbody applications in sports cars
    Dr. Steffen Hölzel, Manager Body Engineering, Porsche AG
    Jens Klug, Business Development Manager, Gubesch GmbH
  • 10:45: Coffee Break 
  • 11:30: CONFERENCE Part 2

Material Properties and Developments

  1. Sandwich structures made of ceramic matrix composites
    Bernhard Heidenreich, Dept. of Ceramic Composites Structures, DLR
  2. Assessing the mechanical performance of ultra-lightweight sandwich materials
    Dr. Ralf Schäuble, Assessment and Design of Composite Structures, Fraunhofer IMWS
  3. New thermoplastic particle foam for innovative and sustainable Composite Interiors and Aerostructures 
    Dr. Alexander Roth, Head of Market Segment Aerospace, Evonik Performance Foams
    Denis Holleyn, Evonik Performance Foams
  4. Performance improvement: Thermoplastic honeycomb cores with wavy cell wall geometry
    Dr. Jochen Pflug, Wouter Winant, Jarne Saelens, EconCore R&D
  • 13:00: Lunch break
  • 14:00: CONFERENCE Part 3

Technologies and Production Techniques

  1. Revolutionizing honeycombs: Coextruded cell walls with foamed core for thermoplastic honeycombs
    Philipp Helle, Verarbeitungstechnik, KUZ Leipzig
    Gregor Jesse, Composites Lightweight Engineering, HTWK Leipzig
  2. The potential of lightweight sandwich structures for sustainable driver cabin of modern trucks 
    Roland Stechow, R&D Engineer – Commercial Vehicles, Daimler Truck AG 
  3. Sustainable raw materials for lightweight system solutions: Honeycomb-composite for eLCV and insulation materials for battery packs
    Dominik Fitz, Director new business, Delignit AG
    Stefan Dröscher, KAM Automotive, Blomberger Holzindustrie GmbH
  4. Composite sandwich construction for Light Electric Vehicle and investigation of environmental impacts by Life Cycle Assessment
    Sven Wüstenhagen, Sustainable Materials & Processes, Fraunhofer IMWS
  • 15:30 Closure remarks
  • 15:40 Networking coffee break 
  • 16:30 Optional – Guided tour: Microstructure Diagnostics and Mechanical Testing Lab at Fraunhofer IMWS


Get your early bird ticket before February 17, 2024. Register here!

 Program is subject to change.